About Us


KENTECO – Kenya Tea Bags Pty. Ltd. is a family business founded by two brothers. KENTECO is our brand name and Kenya Tea Bags Pty Ltd is our registered business name.

We introduce ourselves as importers of Teabags and Loose Leaf Tea from Kenya. Kenya, on the eastern coast of Africa, is the world’s third largest tea growing country and boasts of quality tea that is renowned the world over

The tea is grown in the rich highlands of Kenya and over 186,000 hectares are used, producing over 260,000,000 kg of tea a year. 90% of this production is exported in bulk for other tea companies to improve the quality of their blends.

We live in a fast paced, stress packed society in which very little or no attention is given to the tea we drink. For Kenteco, only the most prestigious Kenyan teas are selected and each tea bag is hermetically sealed at the source to conserve and maintain the delicate flavour and freshness.

In a country where consumers demand freshness and quality, our company strives to exceed the expectations of the customers. We pack our Teabags in individual sachets to maintain long lasting aroma, and when you brew this tea, you will enjoy the best tea in the world, that is prominent for its quality. Our loose leaf tea is packed to retain the freshness and flavour of the tea until you taste it.

Tea has long been considered a health-enhancing beverage. Tea is a natural drink that contains no additives, preservatives or artificial colouring and is cholesterol free when taken without milk or sugar. Research shows that tea contains polyphenols or flavonoids, which have powerful anti-oxidant properties which could reduce risk of developing certain cancers, heart and dental diseases.
A healthy body is a healthy mind and this most importantly builds confidence in an individual to face up to life’s challenges.

Kenya Teas are famous for their brightness, attractive colour, brisk flavour and textures of fragrant leaves. Traditionally used in blending, African teas are now emerging in their own right in the specialty market.

Visit our online store to view the full range of our products.


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